What are the Key Elements of the AWI?

Apr 22, 2012 | Posted in Frequently Asked Questions

The AWI is focused on five mutually-reinforcing goals:

  1. Restore the Environment – A Clean and Active River: Charting the course for environmental healing and rejuvenation involves eliminating pollution, controlling run-off, restoring streams and wetlands and promoting water-based activities
  2. Connect with Transportation – Breaking Down Barriers and Gaining Access: Rethinking the design of transportation infrastructure to gain multi-modal access to waterfront lands and to better serve neighborhoods
  3. Play in Parks – A Great Riverfront Park System: The District’s series of isolated parks should become a system of interconnected and continuous waterfront spaces that attract residents and visitors to gather and play.
  4. Celebrate Destinations – Cultural destinations of Distinct Character: Bring life and celebration to the waterfront while enhancing and projecting the distinct character of communities along the waterfront.
  5. Live in Neighborhoods – Building Strong Waterfront Neighborhoods: Promote sustainable economic development and reconnect the city to the river and the waterfront park system.


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