DBE Spotlight: Prince Construction – A Royal Vision for Anacostia

Feb 26, 2013 | Posted in Project Updates

Alberto Gomez is elated that his firm, Prince Construction, is a part of the 11th Street Bridge Project. “I was craving to be a part of this historic undertaking. One day, I envision crossing these bridges into the community that I proudly call home and delighting in the fact that our company contributed to its success,” said Gomez.

Launched in 1988, Prince Construction is a Disadvantage Business Enterprise (DBE) located on Good Hope Road–close proximity to the 11th Street Bridge.  Early last year, Gomez secured a bid to supply the project with rebar services, including ordering, purchasing, delivery and installation. “Our providing this service is a step toward garnering additional work opportunities on an even larger scale. We have received great reviews so we are hopeful that we will be able to continue providing needed services,” Gomez said.

Prince Construction began as a small remodeling company, primarily employing family and friends.  However, the 11th Street Bridge Project has given the company the opportunity to provide jobs for local residents. “We have hired many truckers, landscapers, concrete and utility workers in and around Anacostia,” said Gomez.  Supporting the community is important to Prince Construction and being able to hire locally is one of several ways the company and its owner are able to give back.

Mr. Gomez also has chaired the Board of Trustees for DC Public Schools for many years and has served on the Board of Directors for Children’s Hospital. On January 19th, Mr. Gomez became a Great Street Small Business Honoree, an award given by the Congress Heights Community Training and Development Corporation’s Great Street Business Leadership Council (GSBLC).

Gomez’s vision for Prince Construction is simple: “I see us continuing to do what we’ve been doing for many years – creating work opportunities for people and providing for not only the Prince Construction family but for our Ward 8 family at large.”

Thank you, Alberto Gomez and Prince Construction! The 11th Street Bridge Project Team salutes your effort in supporting the Anacostia community and being an important part of our team!

For more information and to follow the 11th Street Bridge Project’s progress, please visit the project page. To join the project or Anacostia Waterfront Initiative community contact list or ask questions, please email ddot.awi@dc.gov
or call 202-741-8528.

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