First Meeting for the Barney Circle and Southeast Boulevard Transportation Planning Study Held

Feb 27, 2013 | Posted in Project Updates

The District Department of Transportation hosted the first in a series of public meetings for the Barney Circle and Southeast Boulevard Transportation Planning Study on Thursday evening, February 21 at Payne Elementary School.

After a brief overview presentation about the study, facilitators led participants in small group discussions about potential plans for the area. Key issues covered included the reconfiguration of Barney Circle to accommodate both vehicular turning movements and pedestrian and bicyclists connectivity to the waterfront, redesign the Southeast Freeway into a boulevard, and possible opportunities to enhance public transit.

Among the 90 resident, business and community organization attendees were Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Brian Flahavan, Chairman of 6B, Sara Loveland, of 6B07, and  Kirsten Oldenburg, of 6B04, representatives from the Capitol Hill Restoration Society, the Capitol Riverfront BID, the Barney Circle Neighborhood Watch, the 11th Street Bridge Project Community Communications Committee and several students from George Washington University.

The next public meeting for the public to review alternatives will be scheduled in Spring 2013.


  1. Norman Metzger February 28, 2013

    Will the “no action” option be considered? That is, eliminate the roadway entirely and instead build, say, parkland with playground and the like. After all, a “live test” of the impact is now underway, since the route is closed to traffic. What is the impact on traffic? What is likely to be the impact once the 11th Street Bridges project is done? After all, the direction is to bias toward non-car transportation, and eliminating the roadway entirely would be a major step in that direction.

  2. Kenneth May 6, 2013

    The problem with the no action option is the potential impact it will have on Capitol Hill traffic. Depending on what happens with the RFK site when DC United moves, what is to become over there? The city wants the Redskins back. If by chance that happens, you put more stadium traffic on city streets in Capitol Hill. What about Pennsylvania Avenue traffic from the SE freeway? Sure you can take the freeway route, but overtime will having 2 options to Pennsylvania Ave prove more of a relief for traffic during rush hour? A lot to consider.

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