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Workforce Development Job Readiness

The District Department of Transportation’s Anacostia Waterfront Initiative (AWI) Program is committed to maximizing community access to workforce development training and employment opportunities with companies hired to design and construct its projects.

The AWI Workforce Development Manager provides services to both job seekers and companies by helping to recruit, prepare and identify applicants to fill vacant contractor/subcontractor jobs on DDOT AWI projects. Resources are targeted toward demand-driven placement of qualified workers in good, family-supporting careers.

Job Seekers

Anyone seeking training or employment opportunities on a DDOT AWI project is asked to complete an Applicant Profile and submit it to

As job opportunities matching an applicant’s skills and education are identified, their profile will be forwarded for consideration to the hiring contractor.

To help place newly trained individuals on projects, the Workforce Development Manager also partners with the On-the Job-Training (OJT) Program through DDOT’s Office of Civil Rights. The primary objective of the OJT Program is to provide training opportunities for women, minorities, and disadvantaged persons that increase their participation in every job classification in the highway construction industry.

More information about OJT is available at, the Business Opportunity and Workforce Development Center at 2311 Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue SE or by calling (202) 645-8620.

Contractor/Subcontractor Companies

Companies can receive a range of services and assistance in recruiting and identifying applicants for training and employment positions, by completing and submitting a Skill Inventory Form to Using the form as a starting point, the Workforce Development Manager can best help each company access qualified workers and also address specific workforce or talent needs that are not being met through existing programs.

More Information

For additional information please contact Stephanie Lewis, AWI Workforce Development Manager at (202)-316-0866 or


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